Monday, February 27, 2012

Itinerary for Yosemite Camping

I've decided on a couple of hikes that will be kind on our skill level. I didn't want to push anyone to extremes but these hikes will be challenging enough to make you feel accomplished at the end of the day. I strongly suggest that you start taking your hikes on a steady incline right now so your legs don't hurt the next morning. Remember, we will be carrying our lunches with us. Try doing a 7 mile hike in your area and see how you fare at the end of the day. If you are winded or your legs are killing you in the end, then you won't be ready for this trip. Even I have a slight case of asthma so I have been working out for the past 2 months to get my endurance levels up. There will be plenty of time to take breaks along the way as well. We want to enjoy this. Taking these hikes is the only way to see the park in its full beauty.


  • Leave Convict Lake and buy provisions in Mammoth
  • Check in and set up camp
  • Make lunch
  • Get comfortable with the park
  • Short hike to Lower Yosemite Falls
  • Drive to Glacier Point before dusk to take scenic photos of Yosemite during magic hour : )
  • Eat dinner


  • Make breakfast
  • Head out on The Mist Trail-7 miles round trip and probably about a seven hour hike. Probably the more strenuous of the two big ones we will be doing. 
  • Rest late afternoon at the camp after the long hike
  • Eat dinner
  • Set up telescope for some astrophotography, probably at Glacier Point. Most digital cameras have the ability to capture stars so if you need advice I will be happy to show you the best settings to use.

  • Make breakfast
  • Take shuttle to Glacier Point and hike the Panorama Trail all the way down to Yosemite Valley. 8 mile hike, about 6 hours long. This hike is mostly down hill so it won't kill you.
  • Rest late afternoon at camp
  • Eat Dinner
  • Maybe do some more astrophotography close to our campsite

  • Eat breakfast
  • Pack up and head to Santa Cruz for the 4th of July

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