Wednesday, February 15, 2012

North Pines Campsite Reserved

We have our North Pines Campsite reserved and paid for. For our three days of camping the fee came out to $60. That's $15 per person, not bad at all.

Mandi and I will be joining Colin's family on Saturday for their fishing trip. We will probably arrive around 7am. I was wondering if Cell Phones work in that area because if not, we will probably have to pin point a rendezvous around a specific time.

We can arrive at Yosemite the earliest at noon on Sunday the 1st of July. That is when our campsite will be ready. This means we will be eating Breakfast at the Jennings campsite and then heading into Mammoth to buy our provisions for Yosemite. We will have plenty of room in our vehicle to take any camping equipment that you guys can't fit in your car. Colin says that we should plan meals together to save on cost and cook some tasty meals.

We have three nights in Yosemite so there will be plenty of time to take some hikes, see the sights and take some beautiful pictures. We can figure out what hikes we want to do as we get closer to the date. I'm still researching that.

We will be heading over to Santa Cruz on the 4th of July. It's about a 5 hour drive. James has confirmed that the Beach House is available for us to use. It's going to be a lot of fun celebrating with the Roddy's and we are always happy that they are willing to accommodate us. As usual we will be surfing, playing at the beach and hitting the boardwalk. If you guys have any other ideas in mind just let me know. It's going to be another amazing trip for all of us.

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